Be the Prince not the Frog! Create a great impact story

Your organization has been around for 50 years? So What?

You have a fun and vibrant workplace? So What?

You’ve won awards for your innovative products? So What?

I am not trying to be rude here but your potential customers don’t care about these things. Yet.

The thing they most care about and are asking themselves when they first come across your business is: ‘What will you do for me?’

And if you are a Non Profit, your potential donors are asking: ‘What will you do for others?’

They want to hear your impact story. And they want to hear a good one.

The good news is you already know how to create one. An impact story looks like a fairy tale. Please note that I did not say that it IS a fairy tale. That is a whole other blog for another day.

We have all grown up with fairy tales. Here is the formula: Princess is in trouble of some sort. She may be sleepy or have hair that is too long or she has to do too many chores. A handsome Prince comes along. They have some sort of issue to overcome (a dragon, a wicked witch or a lost shoe maybe) and when they do, they live happily ever after. Now as someone who is committed to fairy tale equality I don’t love the gender stuff going on here but there is a reason these stories are so popular. We love to see people overcome a problem and be happy for evermore!

Your impact story is like a fairy tale. It’s the same formula. Your customers are the Princess and they are in need of a rescue. You are the Prince who rides in on your white horse to save the day. But you need to do a little more than just turn up. Snow White and Prince

Creating an effective impact story requires the same finesse as the fairy tale. People want more than just the bare facts. They want context, some detail and to like your characters. This is where your history, your added value and your culture help to convince them to let you be their Prince. And let’s be very clear. They choose you. These days, it is more of a mutually beneficial, consensual rescue type situation rather than a ‘put a potato sack on their head and throw them over your shoulder’ deal when it comes to fairy tales or marketing.

And then, when they are convinced by your powerful ‘So What?’ story and fall in love with the rest of your charms, you overcome the problem together and ride off into the sunset.

And live happily ever after…

Now, isn’t that a beautiful story?

And what say you, the reader? Please share your thoughts!