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Why Every Entrepreneur Should Take Fridays Off

As a business owner, taking Fridays off is more than a luxury. It’s good for business.  I can hear your reaction now. ‘I don’t even have time to brush my teeth!’ And that is why you MUST take time out. If you are struggling to manage the most basic of tasks, how are you looking after the big picture? You aren’t. Arianna Huffington naps. Richard Branson plays. Oprah meditates. All of these hugely successful entrepreneurs take time out to rest and relax.

Still not sure?

To help convince you, here are the top 5 reasons why working on Fridays should be a thing of the past:

1. Rest – As entrepreneurs we work 24/7. Whether we are in start up mode or have a thriving business with a large team, there is always something to occupy our time. We oversee everything from sales to bill payments to making sure the bathroom gets cleaned. We must rest to be more efficient. A number of larger companies such as The Huffington Post and Google have even created ‘nap rooms’ for their staff. Arianna Huffington’s view is that the 24 hour nature of technology leads to ongoing burn out and naps are a way to revive ourselves and our productivity. As an Entrepreneur who may have other responsibilities to family, etc having a nap everyday may seem excessive. So schedule in your nap time for every Friday afternoon. There is no better time for an afternoon snooze!

2. Replenish – Taking time out to do things other than work helps to feed your body and your brain. As an Entrepreneur, your body is likely to be on high alert most of the time. This means high adrenaline. Diverting attention from work to do things that relax you such as exercising or walking your dog can help your body restore itself to its natural levels.  Spending time on hobbies such as painting or writing diverts your mind from your business for a little while. This enables you to ‘reset’ and come back to the business with a fresh perspective later. It is also crucial to spend time with friends and family. Enjoy your social network. Feeling loved and supported outside of work will help you to feel more ready to deal with the challenges of running your own business.

3. Maintain Flexibility – Who said ‘I want to start a business so that I can work all the time’? No one. We start businesses to have flexibility in our lives, to have control of our own actions, successes and most importantly, time. It is important to take time out to remind yourself that you still do have that flexibility. Yes, there is always 101 more things to do but they will be there tomorrow and the next day. If you are thinking ‘TGIF’ every Friday, it is most definitely time to finish work on Thursday. Make Friday your reminder of why you got into business in the first place.

4. Reflect – In the midst of all the things we have to do every day, it is impossible to reflect on our business in any effective way. This is very dangerous for entrepreneurs and their businesses. As the CEO of your 1 person or multi staffed company it is your job to make assessments of where the business has been, how it has been doing and where it may need to make a steering change to make sure it stays afloat. In order to do that, you must step away from the operational side and give yourself some strategic space. Taking a day once a week to do things other than work actually frees your mind for reflective thinking. The thoughts will come as you are on the golf course or getting your hair done or just sitting and doing absolutely nothing. Write them down to think about another time and then go have more fun!

5. Dream – Remember when you used to spend time dreaming about running your own business? Thinking about how great it would be to put your idea into action? Making plans for your business to make a difference for your customers and your community? Remember the feeling of excitement and happiness that came with dreaming? When was the last time you felt that? It is crucial for entrepreneurs who are great possibility thinkers to take the time to dream. Whether you want to dream about your business growing or the round the world trip you are taking when you sell your business for 5 times its current value, it doesn’t matter. Dream big. Dream often. And then put off making it happen until Monday… It’s time for your nap!







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